Blümchen wohin das Auge blickt.

Unbenannt Unbenannt Unbenannt


  1. Really nice set, that last one is just wonderful!

  2. I I like your photos. You have the eye:) I'll look often at your blog. Thank you und bis bald:)

  3. So pretty the flower pictures. Amazing to see Frankfurt so blooming already. I heard it was one summer day during the weekend in there. Here we listen how the snow melts.

    Say hi to the rooftops of the skyline!

  4. lovely. i love the first and the second together.

  5. Wunderschönes Set. Ich mag vor allem das letzte, mir gefällt das Helle und dann das Rot, was so richtig leuchtet.

    Ich verlinke dich auf unseren Blog, wenn das okay für dich ist.

    Viele Grüße

  6. liebe kristin, vielen dank. freu mich sehr über die verlinkung.
    ich mag das letzte bild auch sehr gerne hatte aber ehrlich gesagt nicht mit so viel zuspruch gerechnet. freu mich also umso mehr über eure lieben kommentare :)

    thank you, pascale. i somehow also like them together or better said one over the other. as if number two were the reflection/shadow of number one :)

    dear anna emilia,
    yes, we had a wonderful weekend in frankfurt. it wasn't feeling like spring but like summer.
    i will greet the skyline and rooftops from u as soon as i am back in town. for now i will be contemplating berlins rooftops, flowers and streetsigns. sunny greetings from me to u and keep that snow melting :)

    m., so nice to read u. i am still dreaming of the kitchen i saw on ur blog :) hope u are doing fine. vielen dank for passing by and saying hi. bis bald :)

    anne, Dank U wel! :)

  7. So pretty! The first one and the last one are my favourites.

  8. adeline and lisa, thank you for stopping by and being so friendly :)